An installation consists of mounting the satellite dish to your roof and can be done in a variety of different ways. The most common is a gutter mount on tiled roofs, A tin mount is also very popular as it allows a dish to be mounted on flat roofs.

When you organize to get an installation make sure that you ask the installer to only use Quad shielded Coaxial cable as it is very likely that you will run into problems if you don’t.

IMC only ever uses the highest quality quad shielded cable as the potential to for other uses for that cable is restricted unless quad shielded cable is used.

A quality installation company will only ever use the cavities which are located inside your wall. Some people will just run cables on the outside then drill through the wall which looks very unprofessional. You can be assured that if IMC does your installation that the cable will be hidden at all times, if the case comes where we can’t the technician will explain why and get your permission to proceed before moving forward.

The installation process should take between 1.5 – 2.5 hours depending upon the size and type of your house. A IMC technician will only install into your house if you have been walked through exactly on how the technician will be installing the satellite dish onto your house. Once you agree with the technician, they will then ask you to sign a document stating that you have been walked through the job and have agreed for it to take place.